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We Need A driver Update for the Black, RIVE, and Extream ASAP

Level 7
You have been a great help here and I have been doing some reading here and noticed people experimenting with drivers on their own because ASUS has forgotten us from the day the boards were released. Look my audio driver sucks, every time I game I have to go into control panel and turn down the mic manually because the driver conflicts with either the game, Steam or Team Speak. My hard drive shut down all the time but the board is fine it has to do with the drivers.
Step up and help us out please. Get that fat guy that does all those YOU Tube Videos off his but and get on the software bubbas to get the Intel drivers updated. P.S. tell him I would like to see a Date on when the new Poseidon GTX 980 Ti will hit the stores please.
Thank you
The Boatswain
Asus Rampage VI Apex, Intel X9 7900X, Gskill 3600, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SLI, 4 SSD, 1 M.2 SSD

Level 7
Hey Arne,
Good to hear from you. I am using the wife's computer right now. I ended up doing a reload looking fro the best drivers and such and even went as far as buying a useless driver search program which is why I am doing the reload.
My big issue is I have all our correspondences and use them all the time and watch the video often and worked with the Memory guide a lot. I have been using an offset of -0.010 w/ a over clock of 44 and my bclock set at 100.100 so I can get the true 44 in CPUZ. The memory I was using was GSKIL 2400 with 1.670 V 16gig kit memory was super stable my VTT was 1.1500 and my VCCSa was 1.160 in DIGI 130 and optimized.
My New issue is following your guide I purchased some QVL GSkill 1866 to be kind to the memory controller because it uses 1.56v CPU VTT 1.00 and the VCCSa 1.00 Digi 120% Optimized and it passes Real Bench 3 days to Sunday with the stock clock but as I over clock the cpu starts asking for crazy votages, 1.5V for 4.4 Man and before I could use 1.326v with the DDR3 2400. Could this be that the 32 gig is super dense and is throwing things off?
I have The Black/ac4 board with a 4930 CPU, two EVGA GTX 980Ti Hydro Coppers and a 750Ti sc as a PhysX card, 1SSD raid for my Boot Drive two SSD's on the Asmedia controller for games and two WD Raptors as my Files Drive in Raid 1.
I loaded the latest stock drivers and will look for better drivers still because we have serious audio issues that they will not fix the Sonic Radar conflicts with Nortons .dll files. it is a mess.
Can you recommend what you would use for a 32 gig kit speed is important but reliability and a good strong over clock that treats the Memory controller fairly would be nice.
Again I am very glad to hear from you again. I did see HiViz chime in the other day as well. But The Guides Raja wrote are not working for every board nor are they completely understandable since he left some setting out that were and seemed important in his guide for the Extreme.
V/R Joe
Asus Rampage VI Apex, Intel X9 7900X, Gskill 3600, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SLI, 4 SSD, 1 M.2 SSD

Level 40

Level 10
rampage iv black edition asus slowly bring win 10 drivers looks stolen from station drivers LOL

amend bios is still in beta for 1 year now "Beta Version 0801"
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