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Warranty of a Maximus VII Ranger ?

Level 11

I am having a bit of a problem with the warranty of a faulty ASUS Maximus VII Ranger.
The board was bought online from UK while I was visiting a friend on a trip to London back in December 2014.
Two weeks later I returned home from my trip (I live in Romania), I installed the motherboard and all was fine. The board was working fine for the first week, then all of the sudden in stopped working, code 00. I tried 4 other CPUs and several other RAM modules, no avail.
The conclusion is that the board is dead.
As much as I hate this, I will have to send the board in for a repair or replacement.
Being an ASUS, the biggest motherboard manufacturer in the world, I assume the warranty is international and not local so I won't have to send the board back to UK (which would be close to impossible because it was purchased by my friend online, so the warranty would be under his name, though there is no warranty document or card).
Now, I tried to arrange service in Romania, but the service site tells me that the board was not registered with within 30 after purchase so they cannot accept it, all of that based on the serial number and no other info.

Are there any solutions to get this board sent in to the local ASUS service for a repair or replacement ?

Thank you