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WAKE UP ON lan - asus pro ws x570-ace

Level 7
Hi, I have an Asus pro ws x570-ace which is capable of WOL functions. I am using the ASUS control centre express program to do so, and from what I was told by the support it should be capable of doing that ALSO when I connect to the pc (completely turned off) from another network using the internet.

Is that possible? I can't do it

...and the ASUS support told me (after a long series of email for which I am grateful) the funny solution to redeploy the device again every time I switch network, BUT I can't deploy if I am not on the same network!! How I am supposed to find the pc from another network?! It is a contradiction, it is also a requisite of the ASS program TO BE in the same network.

I am trying everything, it was working on the same network but I want to access the pc when I am far like at the office or at a friend place, is it theoretically possible or the support told me something untrue? I am sad...

Any help is appreciated.