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VGA LED RED No BOOT Cant even get into into Bios

Level 7
Hi i have a problem since today on Bootup...VGA LED stuck RED, No BOOT, Debug Code 62... Cant even get into Bios.
Yesterday was everything fine.
I Tried removing my GPU and the PC works with the onboard Intel HD
I tried the second X8 Pcie Slot ,same issue.
Ive wondering if its my Gpu that has a Problem ! Googling it many talk about MOBO or CPU issues

Any Help or similar expiriences that help im thankful for. Sorry bad my English

My Specs:Intel Core i7 3770K,Asus Maximus V Formula Z77,Gigabyte Gtx 980Ti Windforce Gaming G1,Kingston HyperX Beast 2133 Mhz 8Gb,Enermax Platimax 750W,Kingston HyperX 128Gb Ssd,

Hello LogLab76

It sure sounds like your gpu may have died, double check the pcie power cables are secured and clicked into place and try another monitor cable if you have one. If this doesn't help, is there any way you can try your 980ti in another pc?

Hi Nate Thanks for you're Reply

I did check all Cables,removed my sleeved extensions, even used another pair of pcie power Cables, same issue.
already contacted the retailer...i have no other possibilitys to do further testing. No other PC or another Gpu, Friends are all on Consoles:rolleyes:

I bet your friends envy you. 🙂

All right please come back and let us know the outcome after the replacement.

Update: Had the possibility to test the Card on a System with a Asus Gene Z97 & a i7 4790K...Absolutely same issue!
So i can 100% prove GPU is Broken and everything else is fine in my System. RMA-ing the Card today!
And wanna add i never overclocked the Card or modified Bios or something! I`m lucky i did not already ordered a EK Waterblock for the Card, witch i had planned, cause that would maybe cause an another issue with RMA!

Yep that would confirm your gpu died. The only company I know that let's you RMA a gpu after installing a waterblock is EVGA but you must assemble it back exactly to the original condition when you purchased it.

I had an EVGA 8800GTX die on me years ago and was replaced in one week. I never owned a Gigabyte gpu so I can't comment on how fast they are but come back and let us know you have a working pc after the RMA.