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Very persistent z87 motherboard fan issue.

Level 7

I have an older motherboard, sabertooth z87. Recently I had to replace my PSU, reinstall windows and ever since my motherboard fans have gone whack.

The assistant fan 1 is going on full turbo all the time (8000rpm) and the noise of it is driving me crazy. I imagine it's not good for the longevity of the fan either. No amount of changing the profiles in bios does anything. Silent, standard, manual, or off. Nothing. 

Assistant fan 2 RPM is not being read for some reason but definitely is spinning, but at a normal rate as far as I can tell.

I installed thermal radar, running in compatibility mode, and it also does nothing. I'm fact all my other fans started acting strange, so that just made it worse. 

I do have the latest bios version. The assist fans cannot be changed to pwm I think. 

I'm on windows 10. I went from a corsair 850 gold to an evga 600 bronze if that had anything to do with it.

Edit for more info: motherboard and cpu temps are at 30-35 degrees.