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Level 10
Question if anyone here uses Latency monitor to "figure out" stuff with the comp as someone turned me to it the past few weeks and I have yet to have a Normal usage out of it within the first hour.

First off, Latencymon says my USB 1.0 & 2.0 port drivers use alot of DPC count. No idea what to do about that as I used old and new drivers for the motherboard.

My motherboard is P67 Maximus IV Extreme from Asus.

So from here, I can also say... For those who know what Latency monitor is... I easily start getting near full redbars on the "highest measured interrupt to process latency" area.

Fresh installed as well ect.

Now I do know these motherboards for some reason have CRAP usb ports. So could be one reason.

Another thing I tried is in bios as well, I even put things to Maximum performance and power saver as well as in windows. Did not really change a thing even for RED BARS in the Highest measured interrupt to process latency area.

Dunno, just thought I would ask, as well as see if anyone thinks this program is just junk.

Fresh installed windows has same problems ect.

Thought I would start doing some more "in depth" checks on my computer these days and this was a place to start off in a sense.