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USB Issue since BIOS Upgrade

Level 7
Hi All,

Hoping someone can help,
I have been using my system for long time now.
Rampage IV Formula, 3930k, 16 gb G.Skill, OCZ SSD

I was using Version 12 Bios up until now. I decided to update to the new CAP as I want to upgrade to Windows 8.1.
The conversion went fine and upgrade to version 48 was also fine, I loaded windows 8.1 as I would normally load windows, everything was perfect you could say.
It wasn't until I started to plug in my USB devices and restart the computer that I noticed issues.
Bios loads fine, then as it got to the windows load screen that is when it was locking up, if I unplug the devices and leave just the wireless Keyboard/mouse in it boots.
First I blamed windows 8 (lots of swearing ). Believing that was the problem, tonight I have wiped the system and reinstalled Windows 7 x64 Pro. To my surprise I have the same issues.
I then dropped back to Bios Version 45 and cleared the CMOS, still the same issue.
This is not the first time I have reloaded Windows over the time of owning this system either.
So this computer is my sim racing rig, the devices that I have had plugged in and had no problems with now don't work at start up, in saying that, once the computer has loaded, I can plug all the devices in and they all work fine

The devices having issues now are, G27 wheel, Fanatec Pedals, Frex shifter, G27 Shifter.
One other note, if I plug a couple in through a powered 4 Port USB device they work at start up, but startup is slower

Please help

Level 7
Check your BIOS if there is a setting that's related to fully initializing USB devices or not, if so, switch it and see if the problem goes away. It could also be related to disabling fast boot if your BIOS supports it. That's my only idea.