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USB Error what does it mean?

Level 7
Hey everyone,

I keep coming across an error with one of my USB ports in the system.

Iv'e checked all the USB ports on the back of my Maximus VI Formula and the USB ports are all working fine.

I have a Antec 900 II case, it originally came with 2 front USB and 1 Sata port at the front.

The guy who helped me with my build, plugged in the cables into the motherboard and PSU (my first build) I was a bit overwhelmed with all the PSU cables. I didn't know they all wouldn't be needed 🙂

When I got my PC back I got it back with 3 front USB ports (Blue) though he said they weren't USB 3.

He also told me that he ran out of USB connections so was only able to only connect two of the front three.

This I thought was strange, since later I remember coming across a USB header with nothing plugged into it (USB1112) at the bottom of the motherboard.

Could the front USB port that isn't working be the one showing up in my system as not working. He said he ran out of USb connections so I am a little confused, as that would mean there is nothing connected to it.

Thanks in advance for helping.

I have a photo I captured using USB View app.

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