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Updating Maximus VII Gene BIOS to support the 4790K CPU

Level 7
Hi guys,

I already have my 4790K CPU in a M6H board and it running fine at 4.6GHz/1.28V. I'm changing the board to a M7G as the one-before-the-last step in my PC shrinking project. (Need to sell my current case and get a SUGO SG10 as the final step, but that might take some time. I just found a buyer for my board so want to sell it ASAP.)

I'm ordering the board online, so I'm not sure if the board that I buy will come with a BIOS version that supports Devil's Canyon chips. It could come out of an old stock. I believe I can use BIOS flashback feature to update to the latest BIOS if that is the case? Can I do this with the CPU plugged in? Or do I have to remove the CPU before doing that? I have used BIOS flashback before with my "crappy" 4770K, and even when I got the 4790K, I already had updated to the latest BIOS so this is the first time I might be using this with an unsupported CPU.

Do you see any problems that I might encounter in this "switch"? I hope the M7G will be at least on par with the M6H when it comes to overclocking. I really wanna see my 4.6GHz retained, and if possible, be able to reach 4.7GHz.

Cheers, and have a good day.

Praz wrote:

This is backwards. VT-x is available on most all processors. VT-d was not enabled on the 4770K but is on the 4790K.

sorry yeah i got it wrong.

Level 7
I just installed my Gene VII. Now I see there are UEFI BIOS updates. The other day, I looked but did not see it at the downloads page. Sorry!
My Gene came with the 2nd BIOS (05..) and worked with the 4790K. GREAT BOARD