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Unexpected shut down Hero VII

Level 7
Good evening , guys!

I have this problem since I've built my pc few weeks ago. PC turns off suddenly while playing games, and even while searching on the web. Temperatures are OK.
In this moment, Q code changes from A0 to 00.
Also, windows shows me "Kernel Power 41error".

I am using last bios 2012
Maximus VII Hero
Asus Gtx 760 dc2t
Kingston hyperx genesis 2x4gb
Corsair RM 650.
Windows 7 64 bit

Thank you, and sorry for my english

Level 10
First are you running your memory at the right voltage? Second I would check the voltage using a digital multimeter just to make sure that it isn't sagging. Event viewer is pretty vague when it comes to po Sudden turn offs like that make me suspect the power supply. Playing a game stresses the system so it could be any number of things.
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Memory is OK after memtest. I'm running it at 1.5-1.65, this is normal for this type of memory

Level 8
Shutdowns can be because of a few things.

High CPU temps
Underpowered PSU

What I can suggest is watching and observing your CPU temps while gaming. If the temps are high you may need a new coooler or a new thermal paste.

Not sure how many hard drives you have, you may wanna check it out according to PSU calculator by ASUS your @ 600W power draw without hard drives. If your OC'd that could also contribute to the sudden reboot.

Also may as well check your bases and check your Ram with Memtest just to rule out it getting into a bad ram sector. Check all cables and make sure they're tight and secure as well.
Lian Li 011 Dynamic White Case
Intel Core i9 Coffee lake 9900K @ 5.1GHz
Corsair DDR4 Corsair Dominator 32GB (4x8GB) 3600MHz CAS 18
EVGA nVidia RTX 3080 FTW3 ULTRA 10GB
EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 PSU
2x 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
1x WD BLACK 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA Hard Drive (6.0Gb/s)

temps are good, as I said. And Ram also. Psu is 650 watt, more than enough. What else can be ?

Level 10
If you've never experienced a failing power supply then you could be in for a real treat. This is why you should check the output with a digital multimeter just to be able to rule it out as a suspect. Sudden shutdowns are just one possible effect. I've had them surge and take everything out but that was a worst case scenario. If you have another power supply you could swap it in just to see if the behavior continues.
Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master, AMD 3900X, EVGA 360 aio, 32gb G.Skill Trident Z Neo, Samsung 970 Pro NVME 512gb, WD Black NVME 1 TB, Crucial MX500 2tb, Zotac GTX 1080 AMP!, EVGA Nu Audio, CM HAF 932

It's shutting down not in one moment. Firstly, the system isn't responding (videodriver stop working, and probably windows stops workigng too), and Qcode changes from A0 to 00, and after 10-15 seconds system shut down

Level 7
Can you install HW Info and try to select the sensors. Have interest into these, if you can reproduce your BSoD´s with it. Only to exclude my suspicion.

Level 13
Hi Andrik11

This one is hard to put a finger on, so I'll try a little checklist of possibilities:

The software possibilities start at the video driver since that's what seems to stop working first. I suggest uninstalling the video driver and re-installing it, possibly with an update if it's not the latest. (You have an nvidia card, but those symptoms are close to a recent AMD driver bug.)

The other possibilities are in BIOS. The suggestion is to save any OC profile, then revert to defaults.
Re-flashing ver. 2012 might fix a messed up flash.
You could also revert to an older BIOS unless there's some feature in 2012 that you need.

A case cable could be causing power-off or reset signals. To check, unplug the that cable from the motherboard temporarily and use the on-board power switch.

CPU socket pins are on the checklist for any mysterious failure. The suggestion is to take out the CPU, inspect the socket for bent pins, then re-install the CPU. What CPU cooler? What TIM? Use care to tighten the cooler evenly and not too tight.

While 650W is ample power for the rig, there might be an intermittent failure dropping power suddenly. Try plugging into a different mains socket. If it is possible, try a different PSU for a while. This may be the most likely fix, but also the most expensive. I suggest trying the other things first.

A little more involved is the one-at-a-time approach to troubleshooting the hardware components.
Try one RAM stick at a time, perhaps try it in different sockets.
Remove the video card and use the 4790K integrated graphics for a while.
What storage devices? Try reducing disks to just the boot device.

Another possibility is that a crash or some other thing damaged Windows and set it up for these Kernel errors. You could try a repair from the Windows installation media or even a fresh re-install.

Hope something here helps.


This shut down just happened in bios. or this was just sleep mode ? Voltage is perfect, I've checked it with HWinfo. I'm using integrated gpu right now.
Is it possible, that something wrong is with mobo ? especially with BOOT ?