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Unable to install Samsung NVMe drivers on SAMSUNG 980 PRO 1TB SSD Win10

Level 7
When I try to install the driver, it says it can't find it and tells me to plug it in and run the driver again.

I tried installing it both before and after I cloned the drive and running Win10 from the SSD.

I also tried installing the firmware update and it said the same thing.

Currently has Microsoft drivers and shows Standard NVM Express Controller in Device Manager.

I then ran Magician and it said I had the current firmware.

I read where it suggested to change AHCI to IDE and try installing the drivers, but my motherboard only has AHCI and Raid choices.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Driver and firmware were downloaded from Samsung website today and I verified they were for the 980 Pro.

Samsung 980 PRO 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 M.2 (MZ-V8P1T0B)
TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi)
Ryzen 5 3600


Level 7
************** Solved **********************

Hey! How was it solved ?!

I could be interested by the answer too !
( 1TB + 2TB 980 pro just arrived..) 🙂

Level 10
They are designed for the generic drivers from Windows. You will not find any Samsung NVMe drivers for the 980 pro. So, where ever you found 980 pro drivers, I can guarantee you that they are for the 970 pro. As for the 970 pro drivers, I was able to forced installed them and noticed a boost in performance. However, I noticed allot more storage errors in Even Viewer. I would highly recommend the Standard Drivers as that it what Samsung build the 980 pro around.