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Tuf Z390m-Pro Gaming No Sound from Line Out jack using new drivers

Level 7

I'm truly stumped on this one here. I've just upgraded from a Haswell generation Asus motherboard and I use a set of creative 2.1 speakers for my sound connected via the green line out 3.5mm port. I had no problems with doing this on my old board. However, if I install the latest driver package from the support page for my Z390m-Pro it installs the Realtek Windows Store App as the controller and I lose all sound output. I simply get nothing.

If I uninstall the driver and go to the default Windows driver my sound returns, but then when I play movies that have multi-channel sound it only outputs the surround channels rather than a stereo mix (this happend with multiple media players including VLC and MPC). So all I hear are ambient sounds and I can't hear people talking as that would most likely be coming out the center channel.

Also, when I look in the RealTek app the Line Out green jack is called 'Front Speakers Out' - is that the correct? Does it always say 'Front Speakers' even in a 2.1 setup? Just wondering if it is somehow treating the Line Out jack is as only the Front Left/Right audio channels in a 5.1 scenario and omitting the center audio channel?

Win10x64 fully updated
Speakers: Creative 2.1 connected via 3.5mm stereo line out jack (green)
TUF Z390M-PRO GAMING, i5-9600, 2x8GB 3200Mhz G.Skill Trident RAM, Corsair H100vi2 AIO Cooler, Win10x64