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TUF Z370-PLUS - Latest BIOS Wierdness

Level 7
Tried to install the latest BIOS 0805 for my Z370-PLUS [ it's already 0805 but since dates differ between Asus site and the Bios, tried anyway ].

And it tells me ":-) You have aready the latest BIOS".
Fine, normal, after all.
Doing Exit...

Then for some reasons the Boot Order was changed!
The "Network Stack" has been enabled and could not boot anymore [ "Checking Media presence..." ]
To flash a new BIOS, the net stack is enabled automatically it seems then, in case the BIOS is already the latest, the flash utility doesn't restore the settings - it seems.

So had to fix the boot order.

Please fix your BIOS bugs... [ and still waiting for the WoL bug to be fixed ]