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TUF Gaming Z490-Plus

Level 7
Updated my gaming system today.
Fitted a new TUF Gaming Z490-Plus, i7-10700k CPU & 32gb memory.
Having some issues.
First one:
The CPU power on this new board has 8 pin & 4 pin sockets.
My current PSU only has the 8 pin, so will have to update that.
However a browse on the forums suggests it's not necessary unless running 32gb or more of memory, or overclocking.

Second issue:
Bit more serious.
System wont boot into windows.
Starts fine in bios & shows my 2 SATA data drives & the M.2 with the OS on it.
But if I go to Boot Priority, it says "The system couldn't find any bootable devices"
Thinking there may be an issue with the M.2, I tried another hard drive with a working OS on several of the SATA ports.
No joy at all.
I will order another PSU anyway but somehow don't think that will solve issue No 2.
Any help or advice appreciated.

Level 7
Got this sorted