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Tuf Gaming X570-plus wifi DOCP timings are off

Level 7
I've been using my 3800x w 32 gb ripjaws(F4-3600C16-16GVKC) for a while now with DOCP on, and it never felt stable as it should.

I noticed that my tRC timing was off when looking at the DRAM Calculator from 1usmus
So I checked some other tools
cpu-z: xmp 3600 1801 MHz / 16-19-19-39-58
Thaiphoon : xmp 3600 1802 MHz / 16-19-19-39-58
Same in bios SPD reader

now for the strangeness.
ASUS AI Suite 3 -> xmp 3600 1801 MHz / 16-20-20-39-58

What the bios gives me when I simply select DOCP 16-19-19-39-85

I understand that not every motherboard is the same and timings can be different on different machines, but for me this "looser" timing basically made most reboots freeze on a black screen. Both from windows and from bios(save changes and restart option)
When I manually change that tRC to a lower value like 58 it all seems to work way better.
I also noticed less freezes/temporary os lockups during visual studio compiles etc.
So after that I decided to check out other possibilities of 1usmus' tool and spent an evening to set the memory to 3666MHz 16-19-20-38-60
Still using stock voltages, also was able to bring some timing s way down like for example the Tfaw from 44 to 16 cycles.

But my main reason for posting is , why , if the tRC is on the chip of the memory and clearly works a lot better, is it ignored and replaced by a bigger number?
Is this simply a typo from whoever had to dial in the long list of numbers, can this be fixed in a bios update? or is it a bigger underlying problem?

Level 7