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Tuf Gaming H570 Pro Wifi Motherboard (Integrated Graphics/ Intel UHD Graphics 750)

Level 8
I would like to know why Asus is so slow in releasing NEW drivers. Yes, included in the (Armoury Crate Driver Update Program) Let start with the graphics driver. The latest driver for Intel UHD 750 graphics is dated back to 08/20/2021, the year the board was originally released. If you attempt to update the driver via the Intel website, it will install correctly, but when you perform a Windows Update it reverts back to a previous driver. (Thanks to Asus.)

Bluetooth and Wifi 6 Drivers: Lacking, but fortunately, I am able to go to the Intel website and install the most current drivers from there.

This is not the only Asus board that I own, I also have the Tuf Gaming Z590 Plus Wi-Fi, and the Tuf Gaming Z790 Plus Wi-Fi boards. I noticed that those boards are updated more frequently. Am I to think that the more money you spend on their boards, the more driver updates are available????

Heck, I had a MSI 865PE Neo2-P Platinum Edition motherboard in the nineties with an 865PE chipset. I was able to download drivers from Intel, even after MSI stopped.

Of the many years that I have owned a MSI and Intel motherboards, I aways had the luxury of being able update drivers through the intel site. Since the discontinuation of Intel Motherboards, it's been hell!