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TUF Gaming B550-PLUS and HDD led constantly blinking

Level 7

I have a system with the mainboard in the subject (FW 1202) and everything is running perfectly, except for a small issue: the HDD is keeping blinking every time.
I would expect such behavior with an heavy load on the HDD controller, but even after minutes from the power up, it keeps blinking and it is almost fix on.
I have read a lot around about possible causes, but I could not identify any on my configuration.

No application is running in the background, except for the standard NTFS log files and some system cache activity (few Kbytes).

I have upgraded the system from another Asus mainboard (M5A99X Evo R2.0) with the same SW (Win 10 Pro 64bit) and almost the same HW (SSD/HDD, graphic card, etc.). The only differences are the CPU, the memory and the OS drive, which is now an NVMe SSD instead of a classical SSD.
I am not expecting different behaviors due to CPU and Memory. Can the NVMe SSD be the issue for this behavior?

Is this mainboard managing the HDD led differently from the others?
Thanks for any hint.