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Total NOOB - First sortie into OC-ing question

Level 7
Hello all you Pushers of the Boundaries of Technology,

I just finished building and powering up my NXZT Phantom-Maximus VI Extreme-i7 4790K system ( thanks to everyone for answering some of the build issues ). Now that I've managed to catch my breath and my heart has slowed down again (lol).
I'd like to make a sortie into the realm of OC-ing.


I have not installed any of the Ai Suite yet - Is it necessary for OC-ing?

With the ROG OC module mounted in a drive bay - Is there a simple pushbutton pre-set foray into OC-ing?

I'd rather make the first jump something simple verses "I am in control of all the bells and whistles!

Thanks in advance for any help

Ok try this here, scroll up to the top and click ROG version, then click setup, click download now and click run.

You have a good cpu cooler and should get good overclocking results.

Level 7
Can I run RealBench against the 4790K as it is before any OC attempts to get a baseline?

Level 7
I ran RealBench Benchmark and it showed me a System Score of 76341. Not sure what that means at this point.

I ran the Stress Test and Temp stayed at 58 - 59

Yes, you can run realbench without an overclock to see where you stand with temps and 58c-59c is awesome temps. You have a lot of room for overclocking and may be able to hit 5.0GHz.

Level 14
AI Suite will autoconfigure "smart" OC settings, but once that's been done it no longer needs to run and should be removed.

You'll always get finer control and better overclocks by directly adjusting BIOS settings. But the auto OC stuff is based on years of research and input from leading overclockers, it's generally quite good, definitely better than running stock clocks, and I find it's good to use as a baseline reference before adjusting anything manually.

Improper BIOS settings can kill your system, don't change anything you don't fully understand, always work from slowest upwards in small increments, increase voltages reluctantly, isolate and overclock one component at a time instead of everything all at once, be prepared to reboot and reset and test (and crash) many times as you approach the performance thresholds for your parts. A few hours spent reading OC guides for your particular hardware will reward you with the best OC possible, otherwise the AI Suite settings will OC well enough for most people.
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