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THX tru studio pro and sound blaster error T_T

Level 7
hi people my CHFV have arrived soi installed it all clean windows installation upgrade the bios everithing i suposse but heres the deal now when i open the THX tru studio pro it show a pop up that say " the audio device have been disconected or is unsoported or is off.. something like that but i can hear music and use the realtek interface can u help me im kinda noob and i want to do all in the correct way...waiting for response..

(sorry for my bad english =P)

Level 7
make sure all the new drivers are installed. My last board M3A32 always had issues with the onboard sound, the auto device detect was a pain in the butt. after weeks of headaches I bought a USB headset and Disabled the on board sound card in bios . No Speakers but all I did with it was Gamming so the headset worked wonderfully
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