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Temperature Difference in AISuite vs Other Tools

Level 7
I'm attempting to overclock my 4770k on a Gene VI. I have it at least somewhat stable @4.4ghz w/ 1.3ish volts, but I'm having trouble figuring out just how how this voltage has my chip running because I'm getting a pretty large difference in the CPU temps when measured with the ROG AISuite software and other sensor monitoring tools like CoreTemp and HWInfo.

Specifically, when under load I commonly see AISuite reporting temps that are 10, sometimes as much as 15 degrees C lower than what is reported by the other tools I mentioned. So while AISuite reports I'm running at a perfectly acceptable 76 degrees under full load, CoreTemp is telling me I'm close to 90, which is higher than I'm comfortable with.

So... why the discrepancy? And which temperature should I be working off of when figuring out my thermal headroom?


Level 7
AFAIK, and I am far from an expert, but use the Coretemp one as far as overclocking is concerned. Its the sensor that is used when the chip is too hot and throttles.

Asus added a probe in the socket, and thats what AISuite is reading from. Its more "accurate" but it isn't what the chip reads.

*Disclaimer: I am a noob at some things.

Level 40
Use one application to monitor temps please, with more than one installed or running you run the risk of both sets of data being inaccurate.

I suggest HWmonitor as this shows each core individually.
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