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Tall memory on CHV with NH-D14?

Level 7
i'm now having a NH-D14 CPU cooler and i really want to have a high heat spreader RAM, with high profile to be installed in my system is it possible to do this? the motherboard i'm using now is crosshair V formula, thanks..

Updated your title to be more descriptive. Hopefully now you'll get the feedback you're looking for. 🙂
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I do have a formula iv (not v) but the NH-D14 and I have trouble mounting normal sized RAMs. Someone has to confirm but I don't think that high heat spreaders wil fit.

Level 10
Wont work with tall spreaders. That cooler is an overkill for anything you would mount on the CH5. Noctua has the NH-C12P SE14 which should allow the taller sticks.

Level 7
cooler master v8 should take tall sticks,plenty of room above my ripjaws

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Check here for a RAM compatibility list for the D14:

Level 7
Water cool the chip, and you can put ram with heatspreaders that stick out of the case, personally I water cool chip, and then get a active ram cooler, ZALMAN makes excelent cooling solutions for ram, also Corsair Dominator Cooler is a good option, dial speed down and you should have silent and cold rig. I like water because it doesn't put any stress on board and takes less space.
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