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Switching Windows boot from SATA SSD to NVMe SSD

Level 7
I recently built my first PC. I installed an ASUS TUF Gaming Plus x570 board. I installed two SSD drives, a Samsung 860 EVO SSD and a Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD. When I initially set up Windows everything was installed onto the 860 SSD and that became the #1 boot drive.

In my initial plans I wanted the 970 to be the main boot drive but I screwed up. So now the 970 is just sitting there doing nothing. My question is....since everything is working fine booting from the 860 SSD should I leave well enough alone and be content? Or should I take the necessary steps to move everything over to the NVMe?

If I decide to move everything to the NVMe can someone confirm that the following would be the correct steps.
1) Make a recovery disk
2) Clone (copy) everything that is currently on the 860 to the 970
3) Unplug the 860 so that upon reboot the 970 will be the only drive available to boot from?
4) Will I be able to boot directly from the 970 at first or will I have to boot from a USB?

I am new to this so any step by step instructions are appreciated.

I added a picture of the bios as it is currently.