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SupremeFX Impact: Multiple Outputs?

Level 7
Hello all,

I am shopping so very hard for a new upgrade, because I am still using an i7-875k from 2010! I think I want to try out this mini-ITX thing and pick up a Maximus VI Impact, but I have been spoiled by my Asus Xonar Xense for some time and would have to give up any external sound card on an ITX board. My question relates to outputs: I am in the habit of cloning my display to the 52" plasma TV and playing games so that friends/family can watch. I have been using the Xense to output digital audio to our home theatre setup while I listen on my headphones. This way I have positional audio etc but they can also participate.

Is there any way to get simultaneous output of the same audio stream on multiple ports with the SupremeFX Impact? Can any owners chime in and tell me if they have been able to use, for example, front panel headphones AND digital output? Or any combination of front OR back headphones and even an analog stereo stream out the back?

This is honestly the last roadblock keeping me from committing to a very 'cute' Bitfenix Prodigy build, and to this motherboard. If somebody can say 'yes, I have the board and I can do this' you would TOTALLY make my day.


PS: A friend has a Maximus VI Hero he recently built a system around; I can experiment some with his rig, but it's not the exact same implementation so... looking for Impact owner feedback!

Level 7
Sorry... I have an impact, but not a digital device to output to. I can tell you there's an option to simultaneously stream different sources to the front and back panel outputs, so that implies they've at least thought about the various outputs and sources being used in tandem. Good Luck!