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Suggestion towards customer satisfaction

Level 7
Considering we, the consumers, pay top dollar for the top of the line boards that are soaked in hundreds of overclocking and tweaking features, it is absolutely frustrating how purposefully vague BIOS updates are described.

The 4 BIOS updates for the VII Impact since launch:

Version 2401
Improve system stability.

Version 2304
1.Support 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors
2.Support USB 3.1
3.Support NVMe

Version 2102
Improve system stability.

Version 0412
1.fix HyperExpress can't work on EFI driver.
2. Improve System performance.

  • System stability: you mean you fixed bugs ? Please elaborate WHAT bugs have been fixed. This is important
  • Support USB 3.1: on USB 3.0 and 2.0 ? Does it allow some new feature ? Elaborate.
  • Support NVMe: wait, this wasn't supported !? ELABORATE !
  • Improve System Performance: what exactly ? The CPU runs more efficiently ? The storage has less latency ? The LED's show their status faster ? ELABORATE !!

The people that actively update their BIOS like to know what changed so they know if a bug they or anyone else (on a forum, perhaps) has encountered, is solved.
Being vague is very unprofessional and makes many distrust the brand as it is belittleing. Please take care of this in the future, I'm already very unhappy I paid this amount of money for a board that is arguably of lesser build quality and suffers from worse QC than boards half the price.
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Level 7
I'm with you bro. This is plain ignorance.


Level 7
Proper changelog should be a standard practice.

I agree the release notes are lacking and you're not the first one to mention it. Keep in mind that this is a customer discussion forum so we can all agree here but make sure to bring it up whenever you talk to ASUS too.
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Level 8
I also find the changelog very thin. In fact, the software department of Asus has great potential for improvement 🙂

Level 7
If PC is working OK, why would I wish to load a BIOS "update" whose contents are unknown? Feels like russian roulette!

Level 13
Totally agree, I mean whats the point in such a comprehensive EUFI BIOS when there's no proper explanation of many of its functions.
I don't like making arbitrary changes without knowing what the change will do. Nor do I want to update the Bios without patch notes.
A concerted effort to provide these explanations would help us all to offer better advice, after all its the Forum advisers who sort these issues out, not ASUS Support.
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Level 7
Anyone noticed that 2401 was removed from downloads? I use exactly this version and now I wounder why it was removed. It has critical issues or there is any other reason for removing BIOS from download section without any notice to users that are currently using it? This is 10x worse than vague change log. I'm really pissed with such customers disrespect.

Actually even two version were removed and I suspect that this is because of something that was done in version 2304.
What we have now in BIOS section:

Version 2102
Improve system stability.
File Size 5.65 MBytes
update 2014/12/15

Version 0412
1.fix HyperExpress can't work on EFI driver.
2. Improve System performance.
File Size 5.65 MBytes
update 2014/10/17

Version 0217
First release Bios
File Size 5.59 MBytes
update 2014/07/28

What a hell, ASUS?

Level 14
Agreed that detailed version documentation should be standard issue. Asus is supposed to be better than Apple and Microsoft.

But did any new items or changes appear in the UEFI/BIOS itself? I always navigate top to bottom after hardware or firmware changes, sometimes there are surprises.
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