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Stuck with bugged bios

Level 7
1. Hardware Information
Model - Asus Prime H310I-Plus
CPU Intel i5 8600
RAM Corsair LPX 3200mhz 16GBx2
HDD Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB (NVME)
Graphics Intel Integrated Onboard
Power Supply Cooler Master MWE Gold 750 Watt Full Modular
Audio Card Onboard
LAN Card Onboard

2. Software and BIOS
BIOS Version 2418 (Latest)
BIOS Setting set to “Default” YES
VGA Driver Version Not Applicable
Audio Driver Version Not Applicable
Chipset Driver Version Not Applicable
Network Driver Version Not Applicable
O.S Type Windows and Ubuntu
O.S Build No (test with) Windows 10 Pro 1511 x64, Windows 10 Pro 1809 x64, Windows 10 Pro 1903 x64, Windows 10 Pro 1903 x86. Ubuntu 18.04.2 and Ubuntu 19.04

Recently, I have upgraded my SSD from Samsung 850 Evo SATA drive to Samsung 970 Evo Plus Nvme.
For the past weeks, I have been installing operating system repeatedly like 200 times to figure out what is the cause with the new NVME storage.
I would always encounter various installation error. If when I managed to complete the installation, I am still facing repeating BSOD every few minutes while in desktop.
I have also extended my testing with Ubuntu operating system. Same issue, so I guess that is not a Windows driver problem. I have also figured out the samsung windows 10 driver issue.

After reading a lot from various forums, I managed to isolate the issue to ASUS bios configuration.
Now, the system is running stable during windows installation and able to run benchmark tools without BSOD or reboot.
When I set the Bios configuration to disable Intel C-states everything works fine now.

I have make effort to contact ASUS support and provide all of my diagnostic and feedback.
The customer support end the case with sending me a list of 'supported' hardware for my motherboard. Samsung 960 NVME storage is in the list but not 970 that has been release to market for over 6 months.

The customer support agents are promptly and professional with their reply but it seems that it. They are not interested to address the issue or provide me tools to generate more logs for their improvement.
This is the first time I would need to contact ASUS support for bios matter. I mean, the point of diy our own machine is to have that flexibility of hardware choice.
I have been building computers for my friends over the past 15 years, so now do I have to play safe and follow the 'support' hardware list or completely avoid ASUS motherboard?

Now I do not know what to do or how to handle a defect bios situation. Any suggestion is welcome.

Level 7
Did you try downgrading to a lower version of BIOS?

I did look at the history of the bios version. I would prefer to stick to the latest bios.

Further updates from my finding, speedstep is also causing windows 10 (1903) freezing once the speed lower to the lower range. Mouse cursor still moves.
There is no other way but to force reboot. I wonder if ASUS is using a bios template and anyone have success with using ASUS Mobo + NVME SSD + Windows 10.