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Strix Z390 E with i9 9900 KF

Level 7
Hello guys I bought yesterday a new config,

i9 9900 KF
Asus Strix E Z390
RTX 2080 Super Aorus
16 GB RGB vengeance ram
H110I corsair cooler
Evo plus 970 m.2

My question is I remember when I bought my last config back in 2013, that you had to activate and change settings into the bios to optimise your system. I already changed my XMP to profile 1, is there anything else I can change to boost performance especially for games. Like setting my PSU on performance mode or on stuff like that?? I Don't think OC is important yet but maybe the best BIOS settings for my CPU so it can fully concentrate on gaming.

Second question in games my CPU is around 65-70 degrees and GPU around 66-75 MAX is that good for 24/7 gaming?

Most topics and videos I found is only about OCing and not about best bios settings out of the box

Thanks in advance