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Strix Z270F Gaming Boot-Loop at POST

Level 7

Hi there

Any suggestion to my problem?
the Board keeps in a Boot-loop after POST 
the information LED's ligthing red-yellow-white an then reboots 
(sometimes it came up to "green" (BootDevice)

I changed all the parts except CPU (have no substitute... 🙂

resetted the BIOS with jumper and removing the battery with no changes...

Sometimes it boots up to OS but then switched off and rebooted... 
ist it broken oder could it be repaired?..

It seems this problem started as i installed Asus Suite III .. but can't uninstall it 
cause it stands not long enough...  😞

please any advices



Hello big11,

Try uninstalling AI Sutie III and reset the bios to defaults.

Here is a guide to uninstall AI Suite III. - [Motherboard] AI Suite 3 - Troubleshooting Guide | Official Support | ASUS Global

Once uninstalled, use the cpu over voltage jumper to clear the cmos, be sure to put the cpu over voltage jumper back to the default setting of pins 1 and 2.

CPU over voltage jumper.

z270-f gaming cpu over vlotage jumper.png

Clear cmos header.

z270-f clear cmos.png

After uninstalling AI Suite III and clearing the cmos, try booting up.

I did as adviced...

But now the Board wouldn't Boot up!!... 

Power control LED onboard is on, but nothing happens if i shorten the Power-sw Pins


Sorry to hear it's not booting.

Try shutting off the psu switch.

Take out the cmos battery for 10 minutes and put it back.

If you have a gpu installed, make sure the pci-e power cables are connected.

Try booting up.