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strix b250f gaming audio crackle

Level 7
Audio is fine after installing drivers, but randomly crackles after a reboot or resume from sleep.

I've updated to latest bios and latest audio drivers. latest vid drivers, latest chipset and ME patch, Toggled bios settings, used optimized defaults, toggled audio settings in windows, Did a clean windows boot, used admin account only, toggle power settings in windows and bios, nothing helped.

I did not notice this when I first got the machine because I was playing around with an external usb card which had no static or pops. But now I'm using strictly onboard audio and its disturbing me. Its a real pain to reinstall drivers on every boot if I want clean audio. Hope asus fixes this.

This is a common problem among boards that is usually driver problem and can be patched. Been seeing the problem for 30 years, in linux and windows. Windows 10 seems to have horrible audio support compared to win 7. It has to be a matter of how it initializes, maybe it needs a little more delay. Or some settings thats changing on reboot that needs to be made static. I wonder like others if its the jack detection problem? (i've seen other posts with same issue that have my board)

I'm just throwing thoughts out there I'm a total noob. I also don't cheat in games or use hack software which is a rarity nowadays. So i can't attribute it to that either. (like i'm sure most people chalk it up to)

The system runs fine otherwise. FPS, hdd, network, and graphical performance is as expected. But the audio crackle is driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance for help,