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Strange USB Behaviour

Level 7
Ok so I have a Hero VII fully updated BIOS and other ASUS updates

The problem is I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma that continues to give me problems not being recognised via USB, I have tried a number of things such as changing the USB settings in the BIOS to alternative settings as per other USB issues with no improvement.

Install software/Drivers
Plug in headset, headset sometimes recognised and works until a cold re-boot and then shows as unrecoginsed
Plug into all other ports including a powered port hub with no joy.

Sometimes when I uninstall all software and drivers it will pick up again on re-install but then fail again on re-boot

So hers the strange bit, when I plug into a different PC the headset is picked up with no problems even without the razer software and when I then plug back into my main machine the headset is picked up straight away and works, it's almost as if plugging into a new machine re-sets/jumpstarts the headset. This is ok for a workaround but I am now at the stage where I just want to know what the problem is (even it it can not be cured)

Windows 10
All drivers are latest from ASUS