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Stop booting ESATA drive

Level 7

I have a rampage IV Extreme motherboard and am using all the internal SATA inputs (see below).

I want to connect a hard drive to the esata external port (on the ASMedia controller) so I can use an internal port that its currently on for an additional RAID drive on the Intel controller.

Connecting it is easy, however once its connected the BOIS wants to boot from the drive and I can't stop it doing so. Also when the drive is connected via ESATA my current boot drive (on the Intel X79 controller) disappears from the BOIS options, as do all the current drives on the Intel Controller.

I know this is an odd one - any ideas?

FYI my current setup is:
-4 SATA HDDs RAID 10 (Intel Controller)
-1 boot SSD (which I want to RAID with another SSD) (Intel Controller)
-1 4tb HDD - for less critical data than the RAID array. (Intel Controller) - The drive I want to move to the ASMedia controller via ESATA port (As I have run out of internal ports on the Intel Controller)
-2 optical drives (ASMedia controller)

Level 7
I am having this exact same problem.

have you found a solution yet?