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SSD options with MVF

Level 7

I hope someone can share their experiences with me as I am a little confused about what SSD's are compatible with my Maximus V Formula. Z77 intel chipset

My HD is on its way out and I was wanting to replace it with a SSD 512 GB. I am considering the Samsung 850 Pro and the 950 Pro.

In terms of connectivity I think my options are a

1. Sata Cable to the 6 GB/S red connector on the MOBO. - means 850 should work?
2. MPCIE card - not yet sure what SSD's would work on this port yet but seem to read that it is not going to be around much
3. PCIe slots - Apart from the pcie X16/X8_ slot 1 the rest are available.

My question is whether I can use the spare pcie slots to install a SSD like 950 pro or is there some other chipset constraints that I am not aware of?

Anyone have any experience of using SSD's on this board and what option is best for bucks?

thanks in advance.

Level 40
I think I'd play it safe and stick with 850 pro.....

I presume you want to use the drive for OS and boot drive in which case I'm pretty sure the 950 can not be used that way on that board..

It might work on a card in PCIe lane but only for data storage

Yeah I agree with Arne, I have the maximus v extreme and I didn't use the MPCIE combo card, I used the ocz vector sata III.

Don't get the vector they seem to last about a year and die. I'm on my third one and it's been a year, I been waiting for it to start the CHDSK anytime.

Go with the Samsung 850 pro sata III and connect it to an intel sata port, they are the red ones.