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SSD Frozen

Level 7
ASUS Maximus VI Hero
EVGA GeForce GTX770
Intel i7-4770k
Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 8GB RAM
Samsung 840EVO SSD
Corsair RM750 PSU
Pioneer DVD
Windows 8.1


I have been having Boot problems for about 4 weeks now. I had another thread going, posted on the 17th under Hero IV Boot Problem if you want anymore details. I originally thought it was a memory problem but I noticed in the tool part of the BIOS that the SSD is frozen. I have tried powering down the computer and unplugging the SATA Power cable as per the Samsung website with no luck. I think this may be the cause of not being able to boot properly. I am finding that the computer works ok for the internet but as soon as I try to download anything and then shutdown, when I restart I just get a BSOD and have to Refresh or Reset.
I'm thinking if the SSD has been frozen, whenever I refresh Windows it hasn't loaded properly anyway and nothing will be retained. I've seen tips of trying to start in IDE instead of AHCI but that hasn't worked.

Any suggestions for how to clear this SSD please? Thanks.

Hello ChrisL

I've never heard of an ssd being frozen but what you can try is reinstalling windows, before installation you will have the option to format your ssd. It should set up a partition when formatting it. Formatting your ssd will erase everything.

Give this a try, if it doesn't help then maybe the 840 evo has gone faulty.