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Sorry for Being Stubborn

Level 10
Hi Asus guys and moderators!

I would like to appologize for being stubborn and maybe as.hole sometimes. Im refering in my posts and threads about the cold boot problem i had with my mivez. Here is the posts/threads i mean:

The problem i AND some other guys have was/is indeed related with the memory but to be more specific with the memory controler of our cpus as some of you had mentioned 😉

After i rmaed my mivez once, i kept having this problem. Then i decided to change and go for an other mobo manucturer but of the same z68 chip and... guess what.............. the problem was... still there!!!! After that i decided to go for a Z77 Asus again and i bought my lovely P8Z77-WS and guess what......... same **** again, double booting and after that freezing :mad::mad::mad:

It was only then i really realised that the problem is my cpu, something i didnt even want to think about 😮 I rmaed my cpu through intel and they send a new 2700k. AND guess WHAT..........NO MORE DOUBLE BOOTING ****.

My system now works perfectly stable wihtout any hiccups @ 5ghz and all the dimms populated with the ram running @ 2133mhz.

It took me months to see-realise and admit that the problem was the cpu, not the jmicron, marvell, memory, booting settings, vccio, vccsa, OR any other possible setting or something.

So, one more time SORRY GUYS 🙂

MIVE-Z68 was/is a Great mobo!
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Level 10
Glad to see you finally did get the problem solved there Greg

Level 18
Yes, and glad you came back to tell us about it. Thank You. c u around the forum.Welcome.c.

Level 40
Greg respect mate, you stuck with it and are man enough to come back and say it was not the board at all.

And yeah it makes sense about the CPU as the IMC (memory controller) is located on the CPU these.

Just very happy you are sorted.
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