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Something Wicked This Way Comes - The Maximus VII Formula Discussion Thread

Level 13
Getting closer:

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Level 7
:eek: drooooool...

Level 7
I've been waiting for this one. Any news on availability, especially in EU? 🙂

Level 7
Give it to us!!!!!!

Level 11
It's July, Ordered my Caselabs 2 days ago so these should hit around the same time. Now we just need Swiftech to get it together w/ MCP50X and I'm set.
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Level 40
Hmm shiney
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

HiVizMan wrote:
Hmm shiney

The rubber one is kept under the table.

Level 7
I've been waiting too long for this one. Can anyone clarify what size M.2 PCIe cards the board supports, I seem to believe that this SSD will fit in the combo card next to the BT and WiFi. There doesn't appear to be a lot of room up there for anything longer than a 40 mm one.

Level 12
Just ordered the 4790K and now you tempt me with the new M7F, how dare you?
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