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Some Maximus V Extreme results

Level 12
Just thought I would post some recent results achieved with this amazing board.

Here is a pic of the 2D bench rig used. For RAM I am using GSKILL TridentX and GSKILL Pi

A couple of 2D scores:

Super Pi

Pi 32 mb

DDR 2700 + was easy to get stable on this board only memory controller on CPU becomes flacky with high mhz and Vcore.

Now onto some 3D

3D mark 03 with GTX 460 1gb

3D mark 06 with GTX 460 1gb

3D mark 11 with GTX 460

3D Mark 01 with GTX 470

3D mark 03 with GTX 470

3D mark 05 with GTX 470

3D mark 06 with GTX 470

All the above are world records with the respective cards apart from 3D11 GTX 460 which is currently second.

I also did Vantage with the GTX460 on the Maximus V Extreme with Z77 not being suited to this benchmark as the X79 CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads scores much higher on the CPU score.

This score is within the top ten world wide for this card.

All I can say is a great job done again by ASUS and Shamino's development team. These results alone have given me an extra 300+ Points on my HWbot profile and several hardware cups.

Level 7
yo... it is running very nice 🙂
Nice results!

my watercool settings:

I also need to test with my singlestange...