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Solved: Q-Code 00 when booting/waking cold (off for 6-8 hours) M6E

Level 7
M6E with 4790K worked fine during the summer when my apartment was 70-80 degrees all the time, but when fall arrived, with temps in the 60-70 degree range, system would no longer wake if it had been sleeping for over about 8 hours -- it would boot-cycle, usually hanging after a few attempts with Q-Code 00 displayed and the CPU Fault red light on. System would have to be powered-on for a couple of minutes before it would boot, as if it simply needed to warm up thermally. Replaced PSU, did not help. Occasionally would fail to boot and display "SIO Power OK Delay Fail" message.

Solution: set CPU Input Boot Voltage to 1.8 V (same as Eventual Input Voltage), Initial Input Voltage to the same, and disabled CPU Integrated VR Fault Management.