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[SOLVED] Bios Mode locking/freezing up during Profile lselection.

Level 10
Hi everyone.

I have been testing my new PC build over the last week or so to iron out any bugs.

Motherboards is a MHVII and one bug that I seemed to have stumbled on is the fact that I can make the BIOS screen lock up when attempting to load a previously saved profile.

The lockup/freeze occurs when switching from my saved default bios profile to my overclocked saved profile.

The freeze occurs as soon as I hit the enter button when attempting to load a saved profile either from the onboard EEROM or a USB stick.

Once frozen - I have to clear cmos and manually re-enter the overclocked profile data. Once I have done this I can then successfully reload my saved OC profile without issue.

Anyone else experience similar issues?

Level 10
Does this happen with the latest 2201 bios?
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Level 7
Fixed my issue by selecting onboard graphics in Sytem Agent Configuration (vs Auto) rebooted, then reselecting Auto. All the while switching my display cables to view POSTs. In the end I was able to DISable CSM and post successfully. Profile lock ups have also gone away. Hope this helps someone.

I had the same problem on the ASUS Z170-DELUXE motherboard that purchased 2 weeks ago and with the latest BIOS.
It is unfortunate that this problem is still present.
Anyway the solution with CSM toggling worked for me, thanks!