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So no AMD X370 support even in Asus Official Forum ?

Level 7
So no support section for owners of X370 AMD motherboards anymore? , is look like we are now dust in the wind
So sad , even if Asus not give any kind of upgrade for ryzen 5000 at least you can do is still give support for a lot of X370 owner we still there , several bugs still there in the Crosshair Line up like the USB disconnect bug , other brands already fix the issue in the X370 motherboards , but Asus doesn't even care anymore :mad:

Level 7
and resize Bar support too please! Or cant we complain enough like Z390 user from Intel!

Level 9
According to AMD official website, the Ryzen 5000 processor supports only X470 (beta bios) and higher. It is AMD design and chipset limitation .

For the USB disconnection issue, If there is Global C-state in the bios , please disable that option, it should resolve the USB issue.

As for the resiable bar, it is same idea that it is chipset limitation.

Yes, we have other motherboard section for X370 motherboards

That's an incorrect statement. The x370 board is quite capable of supporting the 5000 series CPU. Asus chose not to extend that support to their customers. Quit spreading disinformation.
He was actually asking if there is any official support for the board. The answer is no. There hasn't been for quite some time now. There are some board owners over at overclockers that may be able to help if you have issues.

In order to prevent having dozens of sub-forums for older products ASUS periodically consolidates them. You should still find all previous x370 posts in the other series section:
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