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SM951 M.2 SSD with Maximus Impact VII, ROG PCIe Combo adapter

Level 7
I bought a Samsung SM951 M.2 PCIe SSD today, was hoping it would work with my Maximus Impact VII using the PCIe combo adapter. But the system will not detect it, no signs of it being inserted. Also using the most recent 2601 BIOS. Anyone know if there's something I can do to make it work? Will there be added support for new SSDs soon?

Level 8
Look good in bios, just in case, they must have some function not activated

Level 7
Im using old bios with Impact VII and SM951 is working fine, dont need newer bios for ahci. I plugged SM951 in m.2 slot and checked that gpu is set to 8x and ssd 4x then started installing windows from usb stick by pressing F8? at start to get UEFI installer or something like that.

Level 7
Install windows with pendrive usb UEFI

Level 13

Being OEM there are no drivers available for the SM951. Windows needs to be installed with CSM set to disabled in the motherboard's UEFI.

Level 7
Things I've done:
1. I tried to reinstall Windows 8.1 Pro with CSM disabled, using a FAT32 formatted USB drive, secure boot and UEFI mode enabled.
2. The UEFI/BIOS says the GPU is operating at x8, can't find any option to specifically set it lower.
3. M.2 option is enabled.

More questions:
1. Can I use the M.2 slot and mPCIe slot on the combo adapter at the same time or do I need to remove the WiFi/Bluetooth card to use the M.2 slot?
2. Anyone have a BIOS Version with this card working? Which version? Should I downgrade?
3. The small LED indicator on the M.2 slot side of the adapter is not lighting up, should it?

I added an attachment with a picture of my SSD.

Level 7
Quick answers before going to work:

1. You can keep wifi/bluetooth card
2. I'm using bios 2102
3. Just looked and yes I saw green light there. I have bluetooth enabled so don't know which one is lightning it up,
m.2 or bluetooth.

Hey guys

I don't mean to get off topic but I've been looking for this drive and can't find it anywhere.

Can you tell me where I can get it?

Thanks !

Level 7
A message to everyone following the thread, or worried that their SM951 won't be compatible with this motherboard -- there is nothing to learn from my case. I have identified the issue, turns out the M.2 lane was DOA all along. Will be interesting to see how Asus Support handles this. Thanks everyone who tried to help!

The Samsung SM951 works on board Impact VII !!48289