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Sluggish PC after exiting Windows 10 sleep mode

Level 7
Hi there. I just built a Ryzen 5 3600 system with an Asus X570-P Prime motherboard. When returning from sleep mode, the PC runs sluggish and audio skips. Also, PC gets stuck on restart or shutdown and requires me to hit either the reset or power button on the computer to reboot. So far I have tried the following solutions but nothing fixes it:
1. Reset Windows
2. Ran Glary Utilities
3. Tried different versions of Realtek Audio driver
4. Ran all Windows updates
5. Turned off fast boot in bios
6. Turned off xmp ram profile
7. Updated motherboard bios to 1407

Any other suggestions? Hibernate seems to be working okay. I prefer to use sleep mode in order to access the PC faster than a restart.