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Slow Boot. Reasons?

Level 7
Hello everyone,

i'm wondering if my system could boot faster and with faster i mean under 40-60 secs. i just solved the problem with cold boots by enabling full initalization for USB support settings in fast boot. Now im really happy to just boot once, but its so slow!

system stays 10-20seconds in ROG-Screen and another 30-40 seconds in windows boot screen. even my old pc started faster... and it was 10 years old.

MB: ASUS Maximus VII Ranger
CPU: Intel 4790K
RAM:Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP DIMM Kit 16GB
SSD: Crucial BX100 SSD 500GB
Windows7 64bit
I have 3 other internal drives and 2 external.

Level 7
OK, now i got it as fast as i like by disconnecting my ext drives + USB hub. didnt know, that this would do such a difference.

Problem now: when i am starting normally, it gets out of post, then a blinking command line appears, it goes down, then some random pixels on the screen. this will repeat 5 times, then goes to bios. The only way i come to windows is by getting straight to the bios, then save and restart. anyone knows why this happens?

Thank you (:

Level 10
Check in BIOS if your boot priority is in the right order, your OS drive should be 1st priority. You'll find this under EzMode.

Level 7
thank you, but already checked that. i chose only to recognize boot drive, so there is just my ssd boot drive in the boot list. but why could it be, that it cannot start normally, just when i go straigt to the bios and exit without changes?

Level 7
hm. i reset the bios and now its fine. 😕 TY