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Samsung Magician 4.3 causing BSOD

Level 7
I just installed Win 8.1 on my new Samsung Evo 1TB SSD with my Gryphon Z87 MB with all MB drivers and software. I installed the magician software first and did all the settings etc without issues. then I did all other MB drivers and device driver/software. But when I installed the Intel software for the HDD like smart connect etc last of all, and then the crashing problem with a BSOD started.

Win 8.1 being the genius that it is, didn't do system restore point by default so I couldn't roll back. I resorted to uninstalling the Intel software and magician software as well but to no avail, I still couldn't use the samsung software even after uninsatlling and reinstalling magician 4.3.

Any ideas what else I should do to get it working?

Level 7
A new version of magician has been released by Samsung. Please find below link to download the same. Hope this works for you