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sabertooth x79 bios 4608 is very buggy

Level 7
i posted about the bios bugs last year but some are still here like the double cpu-spectrum enabled or disabled

but today i found a new one that is weird , right after flashing the latest .
it is in the last page : mode fast boot , that i had disabled , then i looked in post report : there is no the option : until i press esc
and i also selected to disable the logo .

right after the save , the pc restart and shows me the logo.... i also looked in the post report and from 10 s it was 5s of waiting but the option until press escape key was here now .

i saved and it seems to work ....

like i said the bios should be checked seriously and the help topics extended

Level 40
So noted and I will pass this on to the bios team.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
thank you , i found a bug when the board is having 3 cards in sli ...
i have 3 gtx570 and i use some asus bridge , 2 are having the same size but the last one that connects the top and ground cards is having the double of the size of the 2 others .
when i play rage , i have a lot of crashes about opengl time out



the help page it shows in its link is an how to disable it : that can be a solution of course , mostly for those not used to search farthest than their nose...
i did differently and i plugged my two monitors to the vga using the 16x slot in the middle , so all gpu hare connected with the same size "bridge" ; and redefined the sli in control panel for it to be having the new configuration . problem is that the bios is not showing anymore the opengl bug ;']

that could be cool if the next bios could be having a primary card/slot selector , thank you to pass the request