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Sabertooth X79 + 3x m.3 samsung 980

Level 7

I recently bought this adapter (it does not have the ability to create arrays and I'm not interested in the possibility of creating them)

The adapter works, the disk is immediately easily detected in Windows 10, but is not displayed in any way in the BIOS. Neither the BIOS nor the OS can see the ports.

Now I have 3 M.2 Samsung 980, but the disks are detected in the OS only in slot # 1, in all the others there is no reaction. The disks only get warm and the disk indicators are on.

I tried to install a modified firmware that was attached to the post in one thread, but nothing has changed in the BIOS and other disks are not detected in any way.
Who knows how to cure it?

Sabertootn X79
Adapter in the second slot PCIE 3.0 , slot works in 3.0 mode