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Sabertooth 990FX Rev2 won't detect my HDD or SSD, can't install an OS! Help!

Level 7
Just finished putting together my friends pc, and after a little noob error being sorted it started up properly.

I am using the Asus Sabertooth Rev2 which has UEFI, and I'm being met with a "The current bios setting do not fully support the boot device. Go to Advanced > Boot > CSM Parameters, and adjust the CSM settings to enable the booth device." message.

Under Sata configuration it lists not present next to the 6 sata connections.

When I go to the CSM I do not know what to do, the options are:

Launch CSM

-Boot Device Control
--UEFI and Legacy OpROM
--Legacy OpROM only
--UEFI only

-Boot from storage devices
--Both, Legacy OpROM first
--Both, UEFI first
--Legacy OpROM first
--UEFI driver first

-Boot from PCIe/PCI Expansion Devices
--Legacy OpROM first
--UEFI driver first

I've played around with these but to no avail.

Selecting UEFI for PCIe brings me into the American Trends screen which informs me that the VGA isn't UEFI compatible and that CSM options have been changed, then I can continue into the EUFI where I am faced with the bios setting doesn't support boot device message.

Clearing the CMOS simply brings me into the American Trends screen first, but continuing on just puts me into UEFI with the same message.

Removing the hdd/ssd or just having one in still gives the same bios setting message.

I don't see how it could be a faulty motherboard but I can't see what else I'm doing wrong; there isn't some simple n00b install step I missed is there?

All cables are plugged in and the drive led light on the case has activity briefly when the computer is first turned on, but the boot device led on the motherboard shines red while the computer is on.

There are 8 sata ports with 6 being Sata 3 and 2 being Sata 2, however in the Sata connections it only lists the 6 Sata 3 connections, don't know if this means anything?

If it is a faulty mobo then it will take to long to get a replacement before my friend leaves for uni! For my first build this sure isn't going smoothly!

120gb Corsair Vertex 3
3tb Toshiba drive
GTX 760
FX 8350
2x 8gb Corsair Vengeance
Corsair RM 750W
Corsair Carbide Air 540 case

Any help would be much appreciated!

Level 13
You need to have a bootable device connected such as you operating install media.

Level 7
Huh, well today the disc drive and windows 8 installation disk are being delivered, so are you saying when I go to install Windows 8 it will then ask what drive I wish to install it on? Even though it apparently can't detect any sata connections currently?

If this is true then why? Is it to do with Windows 8 having basic drivers with it and so currently it can't detect the ssd/hdd?

Level 13
When you bootup with the install disk connected to the system you should not see that message anymore. When installing Windows have only the hard drive connected that you will be installing to. You can connect any additional hard disks after the install is finished.

Well that's great, thanks.

Also one last thing, would you know why some of the case fans will show that it is apparently shooting up to the max rpm of 65,000rpm briefly every few seconds?

They are 3 pin fans into 4pin connectors, but not all of the fans are doing this.