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SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 core unlock (phenom II's)

Level 7
pickup a sabertooth 990FX r2 the other day hoping to run my PII 555 as a x4.
quickly discovered the 'unlock' ability has been removed from UEFI. the MB came with 906 which i later updated to 1302 - neither has the unlock feature (tho the 'disable cores' function is still there).

pretty annoyed as i know my 555 unlocks fine (works on my CHV and M5A97 EVO).
originally had the 555 on my M5A97 EVO tho i killed that MB when i re-seated then modified the NB heatsink due overheating. i considered RMA'ing the board but b/c i slightly modded the NB heatsink, doubt Asus would accept it.

now i'm stuck with with an otherwise very decent MB, running the 555 cpu at half potential...
i'd like to hang on to the sabertooth r2, i especially like the thermal radar (ability to link link fan headers to the many thermal diodes strewn across the MB). wish my CHV had a similar function, believe the lack of many temperature sensors (and linking to fan headers) on MB a long overdue feature.

i was able to find a couple of posts on different forums regarding issue, one guy said the removal of 'core unlocker' was due to win8 compatibility (and another reason win8 is a damn awful OS) tho not sure if this is true. even if true, core unlocker is generally disabled by default so....

really hope hope asus re-enables this function. removing stuff like this makes it increasing difficult to stick with AMD products and picking up a new PD based cpu just to get full use of rig is a bit of a bitter pill. perhaps if PD was a beefer chip, be easier to justify the expense.
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Level 10
What kind of the cpu type? ES version or box version?