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Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 - AMD AHCI ROM version / slow UEFI boot

Level 7
Hello everyone!

This is my first message here in this forum. I'm glad to be here and hopefully of help to some of you!

My first thread is about the AMD AHCI ROM version of this board. As you know, it is most desirable to have the most recent version if a SSD is in use: detection, boot time, TRIM support, bugfixes and performance.

In the case of my two Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 (latest BIOS 2501) I am utterly unaware of which ROM version is installed. If SATA is set to AHCI and Option ROM Messages is set to Force BIOS, it still does not show the init screen after POST and this bahaviour is not known to me (from other manufacturer's) 790, 890 and 990 FX boards.
After contacting German ASUS support, they could not tell me either and they saw no reason to provide me a BIOS update with the most recent ROM version in it. The mentioned other manufacturer provided me and many others with updates.

Is there any way to know the ROM version - to be sure - or a recent update solution? I suspect it to be responsible for slow booting speed of Windows 7 using UEFI in the "PreSMSS Subphase" - by that I do not mean the usually described performance problem around POST and the Fast Boot option, but definetly the first phase of Windows boot - and using the latest version is a good idea anyway.

PS: o/t silly question: I am to blind to see where I can add my signature here... :confused: