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Sabertooth 990FX R1.0 - CPU red led

Level 7

I have received a normally "working" sabertooth 990fx used with a FX-8150 but my Athlon X2 or Athlon X6 not boot cpu red led at each boot. (both cpu work fine on a asus m4a89 and both cpu microcode are on the initial bios release of sabertooth r1)

I have no beep code, no other led, no screen, nothing for debug this issue but the cpu heat so receive power from mainboard.

Already try that :
- try to clear cmos
- remove/change battery
- try to clean socket
- try to boot with the cpu but without lock socket
- boot without ram
- boot without bios chip

But always same issue no beep, no screen, no other led than cpu red led
There are dozen of posts with this issue but not one give a step by step check for know where are come the problem.

I have ordered a bios chip programmer for check if it's corrupted but this happen really on this mainboard ? (never have this problem on any mainboard..)

Thank you

Level 7
I reflash the bios (usb flash programmer) and always the same issue. BIOS flash correspond exactly to the latest 1604 version so not the bios or a defective BIOS chip.

So what I can do now ?
Someone know how to troubleshoot this issue ?