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sabertooth 990 fx pci -e slot stopped working.

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Hey guys.

Had a few problems today with my mother board not booting. After hours of messing about found it was a vga problem.
moved it to another pci-e slot and it works fine.

Had anyone had this before? If so what's the remedy for the broken slot if any?

Also in this fuss I bought a 780ti to see if it w
would work but still the problem. So now I have a 780ti and a 780. What's the performance upgrade by sli the cards?



Level 7
Also what kind of power supply am I looking at if I want to run them both? I currently have a 600 w

Level 7
The wrong is strong in you my friend.

1)Wrong section of the board. Go to sabertooth.
2)There is an edit button. Doubleposting/pushing is rude

3)And you dont need a power supply as you have no cpu and other hardware. The gpu alone wont work, so no need for psu either..

But let my read my coffeecup : There is a mysterious value called TDP (or Watt) for each component.. ALso my cup tells my you can add them together to get an estimate of power consumption. The spirit also tells me you should add a couple of watts to be on the safe side

Quick check(eveything with small overclock margin)
CPU: 200W
GPU: 350W
other hardware 100W
Reserve: 50W
=> 650W good quality, Bequiet,Corsair,Seasonic.
(800-1000W) if you use a cheap china no name psu

4)As they are not the same cards you cant sli them. keep the ti, sell the 780. or sell both and get a 970/980. Who the hell would by a 780ti right now? hope you can give them back in time..

About your main problem:
If slot 1 doesnt work and slot 2 works the problem is more or less clear: Your slot is broken. Youc can check the pins inside but if you see a bend one its still hard to fix.

I would try to rma if you have warranty 🙂

Just to be sure, you dont have a "sagging/hanging" card? Maybe you need to support it , depends on your case.
Did you use all the power cables correctly?

I personally would recommend you not to spam the board, write in wrong sections and give all your system info in a good structured way.

Level 7
Hey. Sorry about that. I posted off my phone and it's difficult to post all

I thought I was on the right section for my mother board?
Was unaware of the edit button. Again my bad.

My spec is:
Amd 8350 4.1 ghz 8 core.
asus 780 gtx.
16 gb kingston ram.
3 x 240 ssd drives.
600 watt corsair power supply.
corsair 750 D case.

I checked the case and there was no pulling or tugging on the card.
I bought the 780 ti the other day from my local computer store (aria)
As I hadn't looked into sli before I thought I could use both together as I only bought it coz it said there was a problem with my vga. But then shows it my slot.
I'm returning the mother board tomorrow and the 780 ti.
To buy my asus 780 now is still around £450. And the 980 are bout the same price and atm don't really wanna folk out £900 on 2 graphics cards.

Again sorry for posting in wrong place. But thanks for reply.