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ryzen 3600 on x370-f strix Motherboard voltage

Level 7
Hello, I'll start saying sorry for my english 🙂
Anyway, brand new ryzen 5 3600, coming from 2600.

I've got a custom loop with double rads, one 360 and one 240. 1070ti also liquid-cooled.
My 2600 was running happily at 4.15 with 1.38-1.39 vcore. Idle temp or while browsing was between 30 and 40c° max, load temp on cinebench just under 70c°, perfectly stable with ram at 3600, tight timings.

I was really happy with my results, days at testing results in good performance.
I swapped my 2600 with 3600 (I'm on the latest bios), cmos reset and I left all on auto except for memory XMP profile.

logging into windows I noticed my fan ramping high "too much", temp where 50-55c° loading windows and, in idle condition, they won't go lower than 48-46c°. In hwinfo I noticed vcore and single-core voltages almost constantly at 1.4 or more.

I tried everything, I can get almost the same performance fixing vcore at 1.35 and in that case temperatures are actually better than my 2600. If I set anything lower than 1.35 I can get better all core frequency on cinebench than stock but a substantially lower score (???).

In other threads I saw the vcore on bios set to "normal" instead of "auto" but I don't have that option and strangely with the 3600 a new page appeared in bios, with ram timings setting and PBO (it's on the secondary settings page, where you change drive settings, pci-ex and usb stuff. If you click on it you must accept the AMD disclaimer for overclocking and then the new page open), if I change something in this section it appears that nothing happens, tried with ram timings, the main page for overclocking works fine but still, I don't get it. I can basically change timings, ram voltages and PBO in two sections with options that are almost the same but literally written in a different manner. very strange.

anyway, I tried also setting s4 and s5 state (I don't have "amd cool'n'quiet option), high-performance energy profile on windows, balanced, lowering Vcore setting to a negative offset, but nothing changes the high voltages and temp, only fixing the voltage at 1.35 but I don't think this is the right way to have the best overall performance and make PBO works as it should.
with PBO and "auto" vcore my CPU on cinebench requires 180w, with 1.35 and PBO it doesn't go higher than 140w. This is why I'm going crazy trying to understand this.

it's just my motherboard or am I missing something? or is it totally normal? the voltages can go lower yes, but they stay almost constantly at 1.4 or more resulting in very high idle temps and I don't get why I have so much higher idle temps than my stretched overclock on 2600.

and please don't just respond "leave it all stock", I've been in pc's world since 1998 and always overclocked stuff, for fun and for science 😄